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BUDDHACARITA 5.72: Bringing the Master an Excellent Horse

¦−⏑−⏑−−¦¦⏑⏑−−⏑⏑¦−⏑−⏑−−   Aupacchandasaka
atha hema-khalīna-pūrṇa-vaktraṁ laghu-śayyāstaraṇopagūḍha-pṣṭham |
bala-sattva-javānvay'-opapannaṁ sa varāśvaṁ tam-upānināya bhartre || 5.72

And so one whose mouth was filled with a golden bit,

One whose back was overspread
by the instant refuge of a light covering of cloth,

One endowed with strength, spirit, quickness and pedigree –

A most excellent horse he brought out for the master.


Talking spontaneous flow, the role in the world of masters like Kodo Sawaki and FM Alexander, who were roughly contemporaries of each other, was akin to the priming of other people's pumps. 

Otherwise, in the spirit of less is more, I shall confine my comment today to the following lines:

Thus, one whose head was going forward and up,
One whose back was lengthening and widening,
One endowed with free hips and quickened consciousness –
A most excellent horse, for a most excellent master: 

atha: ind. and, and so, then
hema-khalīna-pūrṇa-vaktram (acc. sg. m.): his mouth being filled with golden bits
hema: gold
khalīna: mn. the bit of a bridle
pūrṇa: mfn. filled , full , filled with or full of (instr. or gen. or comp.); abundant ; complete
vaktra: n. " organ of speech " , the mouth , face , muzzle

laghu-śayyāstaraṇopagūḍha-pṣṭham (acc. sg. m.): his back covered by light bed-clothes / by the act of spreading an instant refuge
laghu: mfn. light , quick , swift , active , prompt , nimble ; light , easy , not heavy or difficult
śayyā: f. a bed ; lying , reposing , sleeping ; resort , refuge
śayyā-tara: mfn. affording refuge
ā-staraṇa: n. the act of spreading; n. a carpet , rug; n. a cushion , quilt , bed-clothes; n. a bed; n. an elephant's housings , a painted cloth or blanket worn on his back
upagūḍha: mfn. hidden , concealed , covered; clasped round , embraced
pṛṣṭha: n. the back

bala-sattva-javānvay'-opapannam (acc. sg. m.): endowed with strength, spirit, swiftness and pedigree
bala: n. power, strength
sattva: n. being, spirit ; vital breath , life , consciousness , strength of character , strength , firmness , energy
java: m. speed , velocity , swiftness
anvaya: m. ( √ i » anv- √i) , following , succession ; connection, being linked to ; descendants , race , lineage , family.
upapanna: mfn. endowed with , possessed of , furnished with

sa (nom. sg. m.): he
varāśvam (acc. sg. m.): most excellent horse
vara: mfn. " select " , choicest , valuable , precious , best , most excellent
tam (acc. sg. m.): him
upānināya = 3rd pers. sg. perf. upā√ nī: to bring or lead near
bhartre (dat. sg.): m. bearer; a preserver , protector , maintainer , chief , lord , master

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