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SAUNDARANANDA 4.17: Insincere Surrender

tatash calan-nuupura-yoktritaabhyaam
padbhyaaM priyaayaa nalin'-opamaabhyaam
muurdhnaa bhayaan naama nanaama nandaH

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Then, at his wife's lotus like feet

Girt in trembling ankle bracelets,

Toes sparkling with nail gloss,

Nanda bowed his head, in mock terror.

Though my musicality is very underdeveloped, a starting point to get myself in touch with musicality at the most basic level is to sing what every child in the playground can sing...


In the original Sanskrit, the last line of this verse as I read it has a similar ring to it, almost sounding like a baby experimenting with sound, and experiencing the formation of its earliest ear-voice connections.

EH Johnston:
Then Nanda feigned terror and prostrated himself with his head at her lotus-like feet, which were girt with tremulous anklets and the toes of which gleamed with the brilliance of their nails.

Linda Covill:
Nanda, in a pretence of fear, bent his head to his lover's lotus feet -- feet encircled with swaying anklets, with toes brightened by their shimmering nails.

tataH: ind. then
calan-nuupura-yoktritaabhyaam (dat. dual): girt in trembling anklets
cala: mfn. moving , trembling , shaking , loose
nuupura: mn. an ornament for the toes or ankles or feet , an anklet
yoktrita = past participle of yoktraya (?)
[according to EHJ yoktraya is a denominative verb formed from yoktra]
yoktra: n. any instrument for tying or fastening , a rope , thong , halter

nakha-prabh"-odbhaasitar'-aaNgulibhyaam (dat. dual): toes shining forth with nail gloss
nakha: mn. a finger-nail , toe-nail
prabhaa: f. light , splendour , radiance , beautiful appearance
udbhaasitara: mfn. made especially beautiful ;
udbhaasita: mfn. come forth , appeared ; lighted up , illuminated , splendid ; ornamented , graced , beautiful
-tara: comparitive suffix, often used just for emphasis
ud- √ bhaas: to come forth or appear brightly , shine ; (causative, to render brilliant or beautiful)
aNguli: f. a finger, toe

padbhyaam = dat. dual pad: m. a foot
priyaayaaH = gen. sg. priyaa: f. mistress, wife
nalin'-opamaabhyaam (dat. dual.): resembling lotus flowers
nalina: n. a lotus flower or water-lily , Nelumbium Speciosum
upama: mfn. (ifc.) equal , similar , resembling , like
upa- √ maa: to measure one thing by another , compare

muurdhnaa (inst. sg.): with his head
bhayaat (abl. sg.): out of fear
naama: ind, by name; quasi , only in appearance
nanaama = 3rd pers. sg. pefect nam: to bend or bow (either trans. or oftener intr. ) to bow to , subject or submit , one's self (with gen. dat. or acc.)
nandaH (nom. sg. m.): Nanda

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