Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SAUNDARANANDA 4.31: Nanda's Startle Reflex

shrutvaa maha"-rSheH sa gRha-praveshaM
satkaara-hiinaM ca punaH prayaaNaM
cacaala citr'-aabharaN'-aambara-srak
kalpa-drumo dhuuta iv' aanilena

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= = - = = - - = - = =
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= = - = = - - = - = -

Hearing that the great seer had entered his house

And departed again without receiving a welcome,

He in his brightly-coloured gems and garments
and garlands, flinched

Like a tree in Indra's paradise shaken by a gust of wind.

Look at Nanda, vain creature that his is, reacting unconsciously to a stimulus received through his ears.

One who sits totally still in the full lotus posture with shaven head and earthen-coloured robe is not a bit like Nanda....

Or is he?

EH Johnston:
Hearing that the great Seer had entered his house and departed again without receiving a welcome, he started so as to resemble in the agitation of his beautiful ornaments, clothes and garlands a tree of Paradise shaken by the wind.

Linda Covill:
When he heard that the great seer had come to his house, found no hospitality and left again, he trembled, seeming, with his bright decorations, garments and garlands, like a tree of Paradise swaying in the wind.

shrutvaa (abs. shru): on hearing about
maha"-rSheH (gen. sg.): the great seer
sa (nom. sg. m.): he
gRha-pravesham (acc. sg.): entering the house
gRha: house
pravesha: m. entering, entrance

satkaara-hiinam (acc. sg.): without hospitable treatment
sat-kaara: m. kind treatment , honour , favour , reverence ; hospitable treatment, hospitality
hiina: mfn. (ifc.) bereft or deprived of , free from , devoid or destitute of , without
ca: and
punaH: ind. again
prayaaNam (acc. sg.) n. journey, march ; departure

cacaala = 3rd pers. sg. perfect cal: to be moved , stir , tremble , shake , quiver , be agitated , palpitate
citr'-aabharaN'-aambara-srak (nom. sg.): bright jewels, clothes, and garlands
citra: mfn. conspicuous; bright , clear , bright-coloured ; various , different , manifold ; strange , wonderfu
aabharaNa: n. ornament , decoration (as jewels &c )
ambara: n. circumference ; (ifc.) clothes , apparel , garment
sraj: wreath of flowers , garland , chaplet worn on the head , any wreath or garland , circle , series , chain

kalpa-drumaH (nom. sg.): m. ( = kalpa-taru) one of the five trees of svarga or indra's paradise fabled to fulfil all desires, the wishing tree , tree of plenty
kalpa: m. the tree of paradise
druma: m. a tree
dhuutaH (nom. sg. m.): mfn. shaken , stirred , agitated ; reproached
iva: like
anilena (inst. sg.): by the wind

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