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SAUNDARANANDA 4.25: Non-Aggressive Begging

avaaN-mukho niSh-praNayash ca tasthau
bhraatur gRhe 'nyasya gRhe yath" aiva
tasmaad atho preShya-jana-pramaadaad
bhikShaam a-labdhv" aiva punar jagaama

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= = - = = - - = - = -

He stood,
face turned downwards and not asking for anything,

In his brother's house
just as he would in any other's house;

And then, since due to the servants' oversight

He did not receive any alms, he went away again.

EH Johnston:
He stood in His brother's house, just as He would have in any other house, with downcast gaze and making no request for alms ; then as the negligence of the servants led to His receiving nothing He went away again.

Linda Covill:
Looking downwards and without asking for anything, he stood in his brother's house as he would in the house of any other person. But he went away again without obtaining any alms because of the householder's preoccupation --

avaaN-mukhaH (nom. sg. m.): his face turned downwards
avaak: mfn. turned downwards
mukha: n. mouth, face ; mfn. turning or turned towards , facing
niSh-praNayaH (nom. sg. m.): mfn. without affection , cold ; without soliciting anything
praNaya: m. affection , confidence in (loc.) , love , attachment , friendship , favour ; desire , longing for ; an entreaty , request , solicitation
ca: and
tasthau = 3rd pers. sg. perfect sthaa: to stand

bhraatur (gen. sg.): m. brother's
gRhe (loc. sg.): m. house
anyasya (gen. sg.): another's
gRhe (loc. sg.): m. house
yathaa: ind. just as
eva: (emphatic)

tasmaat: ind. from that, therefore
atho: now, then, and so, etc.
preShya-jana-pramaadaat (abl. sg.): due to the servants' oversight
preShya-jana: m. servants (collectively) , household
preShya (gerundive pra- √iSh) ): mfn. to be sent, dispatched, summoned
pramaada: m. negligence , carelessness about (abl. or comp.) ; an error , mistake

bhikShaam (acc. sg.): f. f. the act of begging ; any boon obtained by begging (alms , food &c )
a-labdhvaa (from abs. labh): not getting
eva: (emphatic)
punar: ind. again
jagaama = 3rd pers. sg. perfect gam: to go, go away

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