Thursday, September 2, 2010


patyus tato darpaNa-sakta-paaNer
muhur muhur vaktram avekShamaaNaa
tamaala-pattr'-aardra-tale kapole
samaapayaam aasa visheShakaM tat

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Then, looking repeatedly at the face of her husband,

Whose hand had clung to the mirror,

She completed her face-painting

So that the surface of her cheek
was wet with tamala juice.

EH Johnston:
Then looking repeatedly at the face of her husband who had the mirror in his hand, she completed the painting on her cheek, the surface of which was wet from the tamala leaf.

Linda Covill:
While she finished applying the visheshaka to to her cheeks, damp with tamala paste, she kept looking at her husband's face as he held the mirror in his hand.

patyuH = gen. sg. m. pati: a master , owner , possessor , lord , ruler , sovereign ; a husband
tataH: ind. then, at that time
darpaNa-sakta-paaNeH (gen. sg. m.): holding the mirror in his hand
darpaNa: mirror
sakta: mfn. clinging or adhering to
paaNi: m. the hand (often ifc. = holding in the hand)

muhur muhur: ind. now and again , at one moment and at another , again and again
vaktram (acc. sg.): n. " organ of speech " , the mouth , face ,
avekShamaaNaa = nom. sg. f. pres. part. avekSh (ava √iikSh) to look towards , look at

tamaala-pattr'-aardra-tale (loc. sg.): surface wet from face-painting with the juice of the tamaala fruit
tamaala-pattra: n. the leaf of Xanthochymus pictorius ; " a sectarial mark on the forehead "
tamaala: m. " dark-barked (but white-blossomed) " Xanthochymus Pictorius ; sectarial mark on the forehead (made with the juice of the tamaala fruit)
pattra: n. wing, feather; a leaf , petal (regarded as the plumage of a tree or flower)
aardra: mfn. wet , moist , damp
tala: n. surface
kapole (loc. sg.): m. cheek

samaapayaam aasa (periphrastic perfect from causative sam- √ aap): she brought to end, finished, completed, concluded
visheShakam (acc. sg.): mn. a mark on the forehead (made with sandal &c )
tat (acc. sg n.): that

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