Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SAUNDARANANDA 4.16: Fragrant Bombardment

cikShepa karN'-otpalam asya c' aaMse
kareNa savyena mad-'aalasena
pattr'-aaNguliM c' aardha-nimiilit'-aakShe
vaktre 'sya taam eva vinirdudhaava

= = - = = - - = - = =
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= = - = = - - = - = -

With her left hand, a hand left languid by love,

She threw at his shoulder the flower behind her ear,

And sprinkled over his face, as he kept his eyes half-shut,

The scented make-up
she had been using to powder herself.

Anybody mind if I open a window?

EH Johnston:
And she cast with her left hand, languid with passion, the lotus from her ear on to his shoulder and rubbed the stick of paint she was using up and down his face while his eyes were half shut.

Linda Covill:
and with her left hand, languorous with wine, she threw the lotus from behind her ear at his shoulder. Then she smeared some of her make-up on his face and half-closed eyes.

cikShepa = 3rd pers. sg. perfect kShip: to throw
karNa: m. the ear
utpala: n. the blossom of the blue lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea) ; any water lilly; any flower
asya (gen. sg. m.): his
ca: and
aMse (loc. sg.): m. the shoulder

kareNa (inst. sg.): m. " the doer " , the hand
savyena (inst. sg. m.): left , left hand
mad-'aalasena (inst. sg. m.): lax from intoxication
mada: m. hilarity , rapture , excitement , inspiration , intoxication ; ardent passion for (comp.)
alasa: mfn. inactive , without energy , lazy , idle , indolent , tired , faint
lasa: mfn. shining , playing , moving hither and thither

pattr'-aaNgulim (acc. sg. f.): = pattra-bhaNga: m. a decoration consisting in lines or streaks drawn on the face and body with musk and other fragrant substances
pattra: n. the wing of a bird , pinion , feather ; a leaf , petal (regarded as the plumage of a tree or flower) ; a leaf for writing on , written leaf , leaf of a book , paper
aNguli: f. a finger
ca: and
ardha-nimiilit'-aakShe (loc. sg.): his half-closed eyes
ardha: mn. the half
nimiilita: mfn. having closed the eyes
akSha: n. [only ifcfor akShi] the eye

vaktre = loc. sg. vaktra: n. " organ of speech " , the mouth , face , muzzle , snout , proboscis , jaws , beak &c
asya (gen. sg. m.): his
taam (acc. sg. f.): her, on herself
eva: (emphatic)
vinirdudhaava = 3rd pers. sg. perfect vi-nir- √ dhuu: to shake off , drive or blow away , scatter ; to shake about , agitate ; to reject , repudiate
dhuu: to shake , agitate , cause to tremble

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