Thursday, September 23, 2010

SAUNDARANANDA 5.11: An Unexpected Honour...

tataH sa kRtvaa munaye praNaamaM
gRha-prayaaNaaya matiM cakaara
anugrah'-aarthaM sugatas tu tasmai
paatraM dadau puShkara-pattra-netraH

- = - = = - - = - = =
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= = - = = - - = - = =

Then, having bowed to the Sage,

He made up his mind to head home;

But as a favour the One Gone Well,

With lotus petal eyes, handed him his bowl.

Nanda asked for a favour, and now the Buddha shows him favour. But the favour Nanda was hoping for he did not receive. Instead he now receives an unexpected honour, being entrusted with the bowl which is traditionally revered as one of the great symbols, along with the robe, of the Buddha.

puShkara-pattra-netraH, "with lotus petal eyes," might mean with eyes that were shapely and at the same time eyes that, even when plotting a bitter course for Nanda, were soft.

EH Johnston:
Then he made obeisance to the Sage and decided to go home, but the Blessed One, Whose eye was like a lotus petal, honoured him by handing to him His begging bowl.

Linda Covill:
and as he had now completed his courtesies to the sage, Nanda decided to go home. But the Sugata, his eyes like lotus petals, handed him his bowl as an act of grace.

tataH: ind. then
sa (nom. sg. m.): he
kRtvaa = abs. kR: to do, make
munaye = dat. sg. muni: the Sage
praNaamam (acc. sg.): m. bending , bowing , a bow , respectful salutation , prostration , obeisance

gRha-prayaaNaaya (dat. sg.):
gRha: house, home
prayaaNa: n. setting out , starting , advancing , motion onwards; departure
matiM cakaara = 3rd pers. sg. perfect matiM kR: to set the heart on , make up one's mind , resolve , determine

anugrah'-aartham: for a favour, as a kindness
anugraha: m. favour , kindness , showing favour , conferring benefits
artha: purpose
sugataH (nom. sg. m.):
tu: but
tasmai (dat. sg. m.): to him

paatram (acc. sg.): n. the bowl
dadau = 3rd pers. sg. perfect daa: to give , bestow , grant , yield , impart , present , offer to ; to hand over
puShkara-pattra-netraH (nom. sg. m.): with his lotus-petal eyes
puShkar: a blue lotus-flower , a lotus , Nelumbium Speciosum or Nymphaea Nelumbo (
pattra: n. feather ; a leaf , petal (regarded as the plumage of a tree or flower) netra: the eye (as the leading organ)

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