Sunday, December 14, 2008

SAUNDARANANDA 14.50; Like a Thorn

kva cid bhuktvaa yat tad vasanaM api yat tat parihitaH
vasann aatm'aaraamaH kva cana vijane yo 'bhiramate
kRt'aarthaH sa jneyaH shama-sukha-rasa-jnaH kRta-matiH
pareSHaam saMsargam pariharati yaH kaNTakam iva

One who eats anything at any place,
and wears any clothes,

Who dwells in the garden of his own being
and loves to be anywhere without people:

He is to be known as a success;
for he knows the taste of peace and happiness,
and his mind is made up --

He runs away from social involvement,
avoiding it like a thorn.

I just wanted to let Ashvaghosha make again the point he already made clearly enough yesterday. And what a sharp point it is -- ouch!


kva cid: anywhere
bhuktvaa = from bhuj: eat
yat tad: anything
vasanaM: clothing (accusative)
api: also
yat tat: anything
parihitaH: put on, wear

vasan = from vas: dwell, live in
aatma: one's own
aaraamaH: pleasure-grove, woodland; delight, garden
aatmaaraamaH: [MW] rejoicing in one's self, or in the supreme spirit
kva cana: anywhere
vijane: without people (locative)
yah: [relative pronoun] he who, one who
abhiramate: dwell, repose, delight in

kRta: done
arthaH: purpose, aim
kRt'aarthaH: achievement, success
sa: he
jneyaH: is known, is to be known
shama-sukha-rasa-jnaH: knowing peace-happiness-taste
kRta-matiH: mind made up, heart set, determined, resolute

pareSHaam = from para + i: go away, run away
saMsargam: union, connection, contact, social contact, intercourse
pariharati: leave, quit, desert; shun, avoid; beware of
yaH: [he is] one who
kaNTakam: thorn, fish-bone, social pest
iva: like

EH Johnston:
That man is to be considered successful who rejoices in solitude and avoids contact with others like a thorn, eating in any place whatever there is and wearing any clothes whatsoever, living anywhere sufficient to himself; for his mind is made up and he knows the taste of bliss of tranquillity.

Linda Covill:
A man who eats anything at any place, wears any clothes, lives in self-sufficiency, who is happy to be anywhere without people and avoids the company of others like a thorn -- he is recognized as a determined man of achievement, and knows the taste of the bliss of peace.

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