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SAUNDARANANDA 5.50: Nanda Gives In

ity evam uktaH sa vinaayakena
hit'-aiShiNaa kaaruNikena nandaH
kart" aasmi sarvaM bhagavan vacas te
tathaa yathaa jNaapayas' iity uvaaca

= = - = = - - = - = -
- = - = = - - = - = =
= = - = = - - = - = =
- = - = = - - = - = -

Addressed thus

By his benevolent and compassionate guide,

Nanda said, "I shall do, Glorious One,

All that you say, just as you teach it."

Evidently when Nanda said in 5.35 na pravrajiShyaami "I won't go forth," he didn't really mean it.

Really to say "No" to the idea that puts us wrong, the end-gaining idea, the idea of becoming something, is a vital element in liberating oneself from the prison of habitual reaction. But most of the time when we say "No," we like Nanda don't really mean it, as is evidenced by our subsequent action.

To say No to the idea of becoming anything, and to really mean it: that is one of the great challenges of sitting-meditation practice, as I see it.

As Marjory Barlow truly said, "It has to be real."

In no way is Nanda here making a real decision. He is not truly giving consent. He is merely giving in.

Nanda! You sound like a religious innocent joining the Moonies or something, with your sycophantic "bhagavan." Man up, you wimp.

EH Johnston:
Thus the Teacher, the Benevolent and Compassionate One, addressed Nanda, who said, ' I shall do, Lord, all Thou sayest in accordance with Thy commands' .

Linda Covill:
When the guide, the well-wisher, the compassionate one had spoken to him in this manner, Nanda replied, "I shall do everything that you say, Lord, just as you order."

ity evam uktaH (nom. sg. m.): thus addressed
sa (nom. sg. m.): he
vinaayakena (inst. sg.): m. a guide
vi- √nii: to lead or take away ; to educate , instruct , direct

hit'-aiShiNaa (inst. sg. m.): mfn. well-wishing , desiring another's welfare
hita: n. (sg. or pl.) anything useful or salutary or suitable or proper , benefit , advantage , profit , service , good , welfare
eShin: mfn. (generally ifc.) going after , seeking , striving for , desiring
kaaruNikena (inst. sg. m.): mfn. (fr. karuNa) , compassionate
nandaH (nom. sg. m.): Nanda

kart" aasmi(periphrastic future): I shall do
kR: to do
as: (copula) to be
sarvam: (acc. sg. n.) all ; ind. completely
bhagavan (voc. sg.): mfn. possessing fortune , fortunate , prosperous , happy ; glorious
vacaH (acc. sg.): n. speech , voice , word ; advice , direction , command , order
vacah- √kR (with gen.): to follow the advice of
te (gen. sg.): you

tathaa: ind. in that manner
yathaa: ind. in such a manner as
jNaapayasi = 2nd pers. sg. causative jNaa: to cause to know, to teach
iti: "...," thus
uvaaca = 3rd pers. sg. perfect vac: to say

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