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SAUNDARANANDA 5.30: Exhortation to Inhibit & Direct

prajNaa-mayaM varma badhaana tasmaan
no kShaanti-nighnasya hi shoka-baaNaaH
mahac ca dagdhuM bhava-kakSha-jaalaM
saMdhukShay' aalp'-aagnim iv' aatma-tejaH

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So bind on the armour whose fabric is wisdom,

For the arrows of grief are as naught
to one steeped in patience;

And kindle the fire of your own energy
to burn up the great tangled web of becoming,

Just as you would kindle a small fire
to burn up undergrowth collected into a great heap.

EHJ was not entirely happy with his rendering of the Sanskrit text in line 2. He noted that "The emendation of b is unsatisfactory."

In any event, the first half of the original clearly relates to the principle of prevention, or inhibition; and the second half relates to the principle of directing one's energy.

EH Johnston:
Gird on therefore the armour of wisdom, for the arrows of grief are powerless against the man endowed with patience ; and kindle your courage to put an end to existence, just as you would kindle a small fire to burn up a great heap of grass.

Linda Covill:
So put on armour made of wisdom, for the arrows of grief are nothing to a man ruled by patience. Just as you would light a small fire to burn up a great heap of straw, kindle your own courage to consume becoming, the cycle of rebirth.

prajNaa-mayam (acc. sg. n.): made of wisdom
prajNaa: f. wisdom, intuitive wisdom
maya: (ifc.) made of
varma = (acc. sg.): n. " envelope " , defensive armour , a coat of mail
badhaana = 2nd pers. sg. imperative bandh: to bind round , put on
tasmaat: ind. therefore

no: ind. (fr. na + u) and not (in later language also = na)
na: (mfn) thin , spare ; vacant , empty
kShaanti-nighnasya (gen. sg.): for one filled with patience
kShaanti: f. patience , forbearance , endurance
nighna: (ifc.) dependent on , ruled by , devoted to , full of
hi: for
shoka-baaNaaH (nom. pl. m.): the arrows of grief
shoka: sorrow, grief
baaNa: m. a reed-shaft , shaft made of a reed , an arrow

mahat (acc. sg. n.): mfn. great
ca: and
dagdhum = infinitive √ dah: to burn , consume by fire
bhava-kakSha-jaalam (acc. sg. n.): the tangled web of becoming ; the reality of a heap of dry grass
bhava: m. becoming ; also = bhaava
bhaava: m. true condition or state , truth , reality (ibc.)
kakSha: m. ( √kaS) a lurking place ; a forest of dead trees , a dry wood , underwood (often the lair of wild beasts) ; grass , dry grass ; a spreading creeper , climbing plant
jaala: n. a net ; a cob-web ; (chiefly ifc.) collection, multitude

saMdhukShaya = 2nd pers. sg. causative imperative saM- √ dhukSh: to set on fire , light up , inflame , animate
alp'-aagnim (acc. sg.): a small fire
alpa: mfn. small
agni: fire
iva: like
aatma-tejaH (acc. sg. n.): your own fiery energy
aatman: m. self
tejas: n. (often pl.) the sharp edge (of a knife &c ) , point or top of a flame or ray , glow , glare , splendour , brilliance , light , fire ; fiery energy , ardour , vital power , spirit , efficacy , essence

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