Friday, January 30, 2015

BUDDHACARITA 13.58: Iron Resolve Backed by Innocuous Karma

¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−−¦¦−−⏑−¦−⏑⏑¦−⏑−−   Upajāti (Sālā)
apy uṣṇa-bhāvaṁ jvalanaḥ prajahyād āpo dravatvaṁ pthivī sthiratvam |
aneka-kalpācita-puṇya-karmā na tv eva jahyād vyavasāyam eṣaḥ || 13.58

Even if fire were to give up being hot,

Water its wetness and the earth its solidity,

With the good karma he has heaped up over many kalpas,

This one could never abandon his resolve.

This being of distinction who has so far seemed to sing the praises of non-doing, from today's verse turns to praising the bodhisattva's iron will to acheive enlightenment. There again, we are well used by now to teaching that, on the face of it, is self-contradictory...

Forward and up.
Forward and up.
Stop doing. Stop lying. 
Stop ageing. Stop dying. 
Never give up!
Never give up!
Stop trying! Stop trying!
Completely stop trying!

api: even
uṣṇa-bhāvam (acc. sg. m.): the nature of being hot
uṣṇa: mn. heat , warmth , the hot season
jvalanaḥ (nom. sg.): m. fire
prajahyāt = 3rd pers. sg. optative pra- √ hā: to leave ; to desert , quit , abandon , give up , renounce , violate (a duty) , break (a promise) ; to send off , throw , hurl

āpaḥ (nom. sg.): water
drava-tvam (acc. sg.): n. natural or artificial fluid condition of a substance , fluidity , wetness
pṛthivī (nom. sg.): f. earth
sthiratvam (acc. sg.): n. hardness, stability, solidity

aneka-kalpācita-puṇya-karmā (nom. sg. m.): with good karma accumulated through many kalpas
aneka-kalpa: many kalpas, many ages
ācita: mfn. collected ; accumulated , heaped
puṇya-karman: mfn. acting right , virtuous , pious
puṇya: mfn. auspicious , propitious , fair , pleasant , good , right , virtuous , meritorious , pure , holy , sacred ; n. the good or right , virtue , purity , good work , meritorious act , moral or religious merit

na: not
tu: but
eva: (emphatic)
jahyāt = 3rd pers. sg. optative √ hā: to leave , abandon , desert , quit , forsake , relinquish
vyavasāyam (acc. sg.): m. strenuous effort or exertion; settled determination , resolve , purpose
eṣaḥ (nom. sg. m.): this man

火冷水熾然 地性平軟濡
不能壞菩薩 歴劫修善果 

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