Friday, April 20, 2012

Retour à la Source

What in the end is the Buddha's true gold? 

Wanting little, knowing satisfaction. 

In Chinese/Japanese:


In Sanskrit (see Saundarananda 16.38):

alpecchatā tuṣṭiḥ


Γιώργος Ασκούνης said...

Than you Mike! This week I learned the hard way about the results of deviating from this!

Mike Cross said...

Thanks George. On the way back from France today I bought a newspaper on the front page of which was a report on a study into the success of surgical intervention for prostrate cancer. The conclusion seemed to be that the best policy, in general, might be not to do any surgical intervention at all. The news, the article said, was met by the stunned silence of the audience of urologists to whom it was announced in Paris in February.