Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SAUNDARANANDA 15.53: Grrrrrr....

muhuurtam api vishrambhaH
kaaryo na khalu jiivite
niliina iva hi vyaaghraH
kaalo vishvasta-ghaatakaH

- = - - - = = =
= = - - - = - =
- = - - - = = =
= = = = - = - =

Not a moment of trust

Is to be placed in life,

For, like a tiger lying in wait,

Time slays the unsuspecting.

Since the artist in 15.39 falling in love with the image of a girl he dreamed up by himself, there hasn't been any sign of a really memorable metaphor -- just the odd mention of burning. But here a bloody great tiger, far deadlier than "time's arrow," lies silently in wait.

In the face of mortal danger, it is no use trying not to be afraid. The point is to be ready, in spite of fear, to look the bugger straight back in the eye.

Easy to write; not so easy to do -- just as the idea that puts one wrong is easy to renounce, but not so easy really to give up.

EH Johnston:
No reliance can be placed on life for even a single moment. For Death, like a tiger lying in wait, strikes down the trustful man.

Linda Covill:
Don't trust in life even for a moment, for time slays the trusting man like a tiger lying in wait.

muhuurtam (acc. sg.): m. n. a moment , instant , any short space of time
api: even
vishrambhaH , confidence in (loc.)

kaaryaH (nom. sg. m. gerundive of kR): to be made or done
na: not
khalu: ind. (as a particle of asseveration) indeed , verily , certainly , truly; (as a continuative particle) now , now then , now further;
na khalu: by no means , not at all , indeed not
jiivite = loc. sg. jiivita: n. a living being ; n. life

niliinaH (nom. sg. m.): mfn. clinging to , sitting on , hidden in (loc. or comp.)
iva: like
hi: for
vyaaghraH (nom. sg.): m. a tiger

kaalaH (nom. sg.): m. time (in general); the end; death by age; time (as destroying all things) , death , time of death
vishvasta: mfn. full of confidence , fearless , bold , unsuspecting
ghaatakaH (nom. sg. m.): killer , murderer

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