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SAUNDARANANDA 15.46: Nought for Our Comfort Here

jaraa vyaadhish ca mRtyush ca
lokasy' aasya mahad bhayaM
n' aasti deshaH sa yatr' aasya
tad bhayaM n' opapadyate

- = = = - = = -
= = = - - = - =
= - = = - = = -
= - = = - = - =

Aging, sickness and death

Are the great terror of this world.

There is no place where

That terror does not arise.

Nought for our comfort here. The holiday island is the island of aging, sickness and death. The city of culture is the city of aging, sickness and death. The land of opportunity is the land of aging, sickness and death. The lucky country is the country of aging, sickness and death. Even the cruise of a lifetime is on the ship of aging, sickness and death.

EH Johnston:
Old age, disease and death are the great dangers of this world ; there is no country where those dangers do not exist.

Linda Covill:
Aging, sickness and death are most dangerous for mankind. There is no country where that danger doesn't arise.

jaraa: f. the act of becoming old , old age
vyaadhiH (nom. sg.): m. disorder , disease , ailment , sickness
ca: and
mRtyuH (nom. sg.): m. death, dying
ca: and

lokasya = gen. sg. loka: m. the world; the earth or world of human beings
asya (gen. sg.): of this
mahat: great
bhayam: n. fear, terror, danger

n' aasti: there is not
deshaH (nom. sg.): m. point , region , spot , place ; province , country , kingdom
saH (nom. sg. m.): used to denote emphasis
yatra: ind. in which place, where
asya (gen. sg.): of this

tad: that
bhayam: n. fear, terror, danger
na: not
upapadyate = 3rd pers. sg. upa-√pad: to go towards or against , attack; to take place , come forth , be produced , appear , occur , happen ; to be present , exist

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