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SAUNDARANANDA 14.20: Towards Practising in One's Sleep

mano-dhaaraNayaa c' aaiva
pariNaamy' aatmavaan ahaH
vidhuuya nidraaM yogena
nishaam apy atinaamayeH

- = = - - = = -
- - = = - = - =
- = - = = = = -
- = = - - = - =

Having, through maintenance of the mind,

Passed the day self-possessed,

You may be able, shaking off sleep,

To spend the night-time too in a state of practice.

Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life.

Because in activities like eating and sleeping the habit of life invariably feels right, to go against the habit of life in carrying out those activities might inevitably depend on mano-dhaaraNaa, maintenance of the mind, and on vidhuuya nidraam, shaking off sleep, regardless of whether it is daytime or night-time.

The grammar of the final word of the verse atinaamayeH, "you might spend," suggests to me the difficulty of realizing the possibility that the Buddha is pointing to.

But if we can shake off sleep even for just one moment, that will be a start.

EH Johnston:
After passing the day self-controlled in the restraint of your mind, you should shake off drowsiness and spend the night too in the practice of Yoga.

Linda Covill:
Now, when you have spent the day self-possessed in pursuit of mental concentration, you should shake off sleep and pass the night too in yogic practice.

mano = in compounds for manas: mind
dhaaraNayaa = inst. sg, of dhaaraNaa: f. the act of holding , bearing , wearing , supporting , maintaining ; retaining , keeping back (also in remembrance) , a good memory ; collection or concentration of the mind (joined with the retention of breath)
ca: and
eva: [emphatic]

pariNaamya (absolutive, causitive of pariNam): after passing, bringing to an end
aatmavaan = nom. sg. m. of aatmavat: having a soul ; self-possessed , composed , prudent
ahaH (nom.): n. a day

vidhuuya = absolutive of vi-√ dhuu: to shake about , move to and fro , agitate , toss about; to shake off , drive away
nidraam (acc.): f. sleep , slumber , sleepiness , sloth
yogena = inst. of yoga: fitting together , fitness , propriety , suitability (yogena ind. and yogatas ind. suitably , fitly , duly , in the right manner); exertion , endeavour , zeal , diligence , industry , care , attention (yoga-tas ind. strenuously , assiduously ; puurNena yogena , with all one's powers , with overflowing zeal)

nishaam (acc.): f. night
api: also
atinaamayeH (2nd pers. sg. optative of causitive of ati-√nam: to bend aside, keep on one side): you might cause to be set aside, you might spend

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