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SAUNDARANANDA 16.94: Endeavour to Do, Endeavour to Achieve, Endeavour to Succeed, and Endeavour Not to Do

viiryaM paraM kaarya-kRtau hi muulaM
viiryaad Rte kaacana n' aasti siddhiH
udeti viiryaad iha sarva-sampan
nir-viiryataa cet sakalash ca paapmaa

Endeavour is paramount:
for, in doing what needs to be done, it is the foundation;

Without endeavour there is no accomplishment at all;

All success in this world arises from endeavour --

And in the absence of endeavour wrongdoing is rampant.

In doing what needs to be done, endeavour is fundamental. And in stopping the doing that needs to be stopped, endeavour is even more fundamental.

So this verse, as I read it, is saying by all means do your best, strive to achieve, try your hardest to succeed -- and don't forget the backward step of turning your light and letting it shine.

EH Johnston:
Energy is of the greatest import, for it is the foundation for carrying through what is to be done and without energy nothing can be accomplished; all success in the world arises from energy, and if there be a lack of it there is nothing but sin.

Linda Covill:
Endeavor is paramount, for it is the foundation of doing what needs to be done, and without endeavor there would be no accomplishment at all. All success in the world arises from endeavor, and if there were no endeavor evil would be complete.

viiryam (nom. sg.): n. energy, manly endeavour
param (nom. sg. m.) best, highest , supreme
kaarya: to be done
kRtau = locative of kRti: f. the act of doing , making , performing
hi: for
muulam (nom. sg. m.): root, basis , foundation

viiryaad = ablative of viirya: endeavour
Rte: under pain of , with the exclusion of , excepting , besides , without , unless (with ablative)
kaa = kad = interrogative pronoun
cana = ca + na (gives a negative force to the pronoun)
kaacana: at all
na: not
aasti: there is
siddhiH = nominative, singular of siddhi: accomplishment

udeti = 3rd person singular of ud- √ i: to arise
viiryaad (ablative of viirya): from endeavour
iha: in this place , here; in this world
sarva: all
sampad: f. success , accomplishment , completion , fulfilment , perfection

nis: put of, away from, without
viirya: endeavour
taa (abstract noun suffix): -ness
nirviiryataa (nom. sg.): f. unmanliness , powerlessness , impotence , exhaustion
ced: when, if
sakalaH (nom. sg. m.): possessing all its component parts , complete , entire , whole
ca: and
paapmaa = nom. sg. paapman: m. evil , unhappiness , misfortune , calamity , crime , sin , wickedness ; evil demon , devil


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