Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Letting Your Own Light Shine

The ultimate teaching of Dogen and of Aśvaghoṣa
and of Gautama Buddha, says me,

Is just to sit in lotus

And learn the backward step

Of letting one's own light shine.

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arhattvam-āsādya sa sat-kriyārho
nirutsuko niṣpraṇayo nirāśaḥ /
vibhīr-viśug-vītamado virāgaḥ
sa eva dhṛtyānya ivābabhāse // 17.61 //

Having attained to the seat of arhathood,
he was worthy of being served.

Without ambition, without partiality,
without expectation;

Without fear, sorrow, pride, or passion;

Being nothing but himself,
he seemed in his constancy to be different.

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Dorella Belle said...

Of letting the light shine through...
(I like this post! :D )