Sunday, September 11, 2011

SAUNDARANANDA 11.48: No Such Thing as a Secure Position

kiM ca raaja'-rShibhis taavad
asurair vaa sur'-aadhibhiH
mah'-endraaH shatashaH petur
maahaatmyam api na sthiraM

= - = = - = = -
- - = = - = - =
- = = - - = = =
= = - - - = - =

But why such citing of royal seers,

Or of asuras, suras, and the like?

Mighty Indras have fallen in their hundreds!

Even the most exalted position is not secure.

There is no such thing as a right position, stated FM Alexander, but there is such a thing as a right direction.

If Alexander's statement is true, what is the point of being ambitious to secure any position, however exalted the position may be?

Moreover, if the Buddha's ultimate teaching is true, what is the point of being ambitious even to go in a particular direction, however right the direction may be?

Perhaps the main point is to prevent oneself travelling too far in the wrong direction, by consciously being not too ambitious.

Whatever happens, I don't want to stiffen my neck and shorten in stature, any more than is unavoidable.

EH Johnston:
But what need to instance the royal seers, the Asuras, Suras and the rest ? Great Indras have fallen hundreds of times; there is no security even in the highest position.

Linda Covill:
But why list examples of royal seers, asuras and gods? Great Indras have fallen in their hundreds -- even the most exalted state is not fixed!

kiM ca: ind. moreover , further ; what more (expressing impatience) raaja'-rShibhiH (inst. pl.): m. royal seers
taavat: ind. so much , so greatly , to such an extent , in such a number ; indeed, really

asuraiH (inst. pl.): m. asuras
vaa: or
sur'-aadhibhiH (inst. pl. m.): the sura-gods and so on

mah'-endraaH (nom. pl.): m. the great indra
shatashaH: ind. by or in hundred , a hundred times
petur = 3rd pers. pl. perfect pat: to fall

maahaatmyam (nom. sg.): n. (fr. mah'-ātman) magnanimity , highmindedness ; exalted state or position , majesty , dignity
api: even
na: not
sthiram (nom. sg. n.): mfn. firm , hard , solid , compact , strong; fixed , immovable , motionless , still , calm ; firm , not wavering or tottering , steady ; unfluctuating , durable , lasting , permanent , changeless ; settled , ascertained , undoubted , sure , certain


Anonymous said...

If there is no one than there is no
position. Is there a Tao? If there
is, that might be a direction.
What is immo?

Anonymous said...

Impermanence is in itself Buddha-

Does impermanence have a position
or a direction?

Mike Cross said...

Last Friday my wife's mother died. Next Saturday our younger son will leave home to go to university.

an3drew said...

"Impermanence is in itself Buddha-

straight voynich as befits some-one so frightened of being themselves they have to post anonymously !

Mike Cross said...

Who anonymous is I don't know, never having met him or her in person. So if I see him or her as being frightened of being him or her self, it might be that I am using the anonymous person as a kind of mirror.

Come to think of it, how easy is it for any of us to accept and use ourselves fully?

an3drew said...

"anonymous" is someone disguising who they are, why would you want to do that, especially in the context of this blog?

the only reason can be because they are ashamed of what they write !

"if there is no-one there is some position!"

verbal rubbish by the truck load !

Mike Cross said...

When I react badly to a comment on this blog, one hundred times out of a hundred the fault is in me, and I am using the offending commentator as a mirror for a wrong tendency or a false conception I have yet to give up in myself.

I shouldn't think anybody else could be as blind and stupid as me. But maybe I am not alone in my dark demon's cave, bowing to the mirror principle.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I said, if there is no one there is no position.