Saturday, March 20, 2010

SAUNDARANANDA 17.67: Bamboo Nostrils

na me priyaM kiM cana n' aapriyaM me
na me 'nurodho 'sti kuto virodhaH
tayor a-bhaavaat sukhito 'smi sadyo
him'-aatapaabhyaam iva viprayuktaH

- = - = = - - = - = =
- = - = = - - = - = =
- = - = = - - = - = =
- = - = = - - = - = =

Nothing is dear to me, nor offensive to me.

There is no liking in me, much less disliking.

In the absence of those two,
I am enjoying the moment

Like one immune to cold and heat.

To express it in the style of the ancient Zen masters of China, somebody has swopped black beads for Nanda's eyes, and bamboo pipes for his nostrils.

To express it in the terminology of my old teacher, Nanda's autonomic nervous system has become very balanced.

EH Johnston:
No more is there anything agreeable or disagreeable to me; no more have I likings, still less dislikings. By their absence I am suddenly joyful, as if rid of the feelings of cold and heat.

Linda Covill:
There is nothing at all that is pleasant or unpleasant for me; I am not enamored of anything, and even less am I hostile to anything. In the absence of these two I am straightaway joyful, like one who is spared extremes of cold and heat.

na: not
me (gen. sg. aham): of/for me
priyam (nom. sg. n.) : mfn. beloved , dear to (gen. loc. dat. or comp.) , liked
kiM cana: (with a negation) in no way, not at all
apriyam (nom. sg. n.): mfn. disagreeable , disliked ; unkind , unfriendly
me (gen. sg. aham): of/for me

na: not
me (gen. sg. aham): of/for/in me
anurodhaH (nom. sg.): m. obliging or fulfilling the wishes (of any one); obligingness , compliance
asti: there is
kutas: ind. how much less? much less
virodhaH (nom. sg.): m. opposition , hostility; incompatability
rodha: m. growing , ascending , moving upwards

tayoH (gen. dual tad): of those two
a-bhaavaat = abl. sg. a-bhaava: m. non-existence, absence
sukhitaH (nom. sg. m.): mfn. pleased , delighted , comforted
asmi: I am
sadyas: ind. on the same day , in the very moment

hima: m. cold , frost ; the cold season , winter
aatapaabhyaam = abl. dual aatapa: m. heat (especially of the sun) , sunshine
iva: like
viprayuktaH (nom. sg. m.): mfn. separated or removed or absent from , destitute of , free from

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