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SAUNDARANANDA 16.65: A Goldsmith's Three Main Options

ulkaa-mukha-sthaM hi yathaa suvarNaM
suvarNa-kaaro dhamat' iiha kaale
kaale pariprokShayate jalena
krameNa kaale samupekShate ca

Holding gold in the mouth of his furnace,

A goldsmith in this world blows it at the proper time,

Douses it with water at the proper time,

And gradually, at the proper time, he leaves it be.

The goldsmith attaches to no dogma of "just blowing";
Nor any dogma of "just dousing";
Neither is he a non-interventionist.
For him, the gold is in the gold.

EH Johnston:
Compare the goldsmith in this world who, placing gold in the mouth of the forge, applies the bellows at the proper time, wets it with water at the proper time and gradually at the proper time allows it to cool off.

Linda Covill:
In this world a goldsmith at times blows the gold placed in the furnace, at times uses water to sprinkle it, and at times watches it.

ulkaa: a firebrand, a torch; a fire
mukha: mouth
stham = acc. sg. n. stha: (only at end of compounds) standing , staying , abiding , being situated in , existing or being in or on or among
hi: for
yathaa: just as [correlative of tathaa in 16.67]
suvarNam = acc. sg. suvarNa: n. gold

kaara: maker
suvarNa-kaaraH (nom. sg.): m. goldsmith
dhamati = 3rd person singular of dham: to blow; to melt or manufacture (metal) by blowing
iha: in this place, in this world
kaale = locative of kaala: time, the proper time

kaale (locative): at the proper time
pari: roundly, fully
prokShayate = 3rd pers. sg. causitive of pra- √ukS: to sprinkle
jalena (instrumental): with water

krameNa (instrumental): in regular course , gradually , by degrees
kaale (locative): at the proper time
samupekShate = 3rd person singular of sam-upa-√iikS: to look completely over or beyond , take no notice of , disregard , neglect , abandon
ca: and

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