Monday, May 26, 2008

23. The Integrity of Buddha In the Groove

Buddhas always groove integrity, which is just the grooving of buddha. Grooving buddha is neither being rewarded as buddha nor being converted into buddha. It is neither being buddha as the essential me nor being buddha as the essence of somebody else. It is neither instigated awakening nor original awakening, neither being inherently enlightened nor being without enlightenment. These kinds of buddha cannot even come close to matching shoulders with a buddha in the groove. Remember, when buddhas are on the buddha-way, they are not hanging around waiting for enlightenment. A pair of grooving shoes on the path of buddha going on up, is something that nobody but grooving buddha has attained. It is something that buddha as the essential me, and the rest of them, have never even dreamt of.

-- to be continued, maybe, if I get back in this groove

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