Monday, July 23, 2018

The Ten Fetters in Sanskrit & English

Handsome Nanda is, at least on the surface, an archetypal hero story charting the progress of the Buddha's half-brother Nanda in the direction of arhathood.

Along the way Nanda overcomes ten obstacles, or ten fetters, in the following order:

1. sat-kāya-dṛṣṭi; personality view (lit. existing-body-view)
2. vicikitsā; doubt, indecision
3. śīla-vratopadana; clinging to discipline and vows of practice 
4. kāma-rāga; sensual desire
5. pratigha; enmity, anger, ill-will 
6. rūpa-rāga; desire for the material
7 a-rūpa-rāga; desire for the immaterial
8. māna; conceit 
9. auddhatya; restless excitement, being puffed up (from ud-dhata)
10. avidyā; ignorance, lack of understanding [of the four noble truths] 

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